Reaching For New Heights: Advanex Produce KATO® CoilThread® Inserts For 2020 Mars Rover Supercam

The team at Advanex can confirm that we have recently supplied COMAT Aerospace with Tangless® CoilThread® Inserts that will be used in the 2020 Mars Rover Supercam.

The Supercam is a highly powerful camera produced by COMAT Aerospace that will be used to research information about the surface of the planet Mars such as elemental composition and will capture images. The Supercam contains up to 50 stainless steel, Tangless® inserts in a range of sizes from M2 – M4.

3D Illustration The Mars Rover on Mars – stock image

As with many aerospace applications, when selecting components it is important that the materials are lightweight and can withstand harsh conditions. Tang break off was a further consideration for the developers, as inserts were required in hard to reach places. By using CoilThread Tangless® inserts, the developers had no tang break off or subsequent risk of Foreigh Object Debris (FOD) which helped to increase the speed of the installation process.

When asked to comment on the Tangless® CoilThread® inserts, Marius Ferry COMAT Aerospace Project Leader highlighted, “We are very happy with the Tangless® inserts because they save time and are much more quality efficient”. Advanex are extremely proud to be part of such a project and are keen to develop their prescence in the aerospace market. Ian Beardsmore, Managing Director for Advanex Europe has commented, “We are thrilled to be part of this project and are confident in the ability of our CoilThread® Tangless® inserts. We know from our supply chain that our inserts can be found in various aircraft applications such as landing gear, airframe and interiors. Space missions are a new and exciting market for us to develop!”.

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