Tangless® Removal Tool

Tangless Removal®

Tangless Removal® Tool (2KRT) is unique in the helical coil screw thread insert industry. The Tangless® removal tool simply threads into the installed insert, grabs the removal notch and threads the insert out without damaging the internal STI threads or surface of the casting.

As an added benefit, the mandrel assembly portion of the Tangless® removal tool can be withdrawn from the blue and red handle and inserted into the SB-400C (CT5405) or SB-650C (CT5406) electric drivers for high-speed removal or adjustment, for a large number of inserts. This is impossible with conventional tanged style inserts.


To avoid damage to your casting, and minimise rework, consider switching to Tangless® CoilThread® inserts and never use a destructive tanged extraction tool again!

Tanged Extraction

The Tanged Removal/Extraction Tool is designed with a wedge-shaped tip and an integrated handle. The sharp tip is used to dig into the installed tanged insert (a hammer may be required). The handle is then used to turn the tool anti-clockwise while applying pressure until the insert is extracted from the parent material. Using the KRTV tool the following can occur:

  • Slow extraction process.
  • Damage to the surface/finish of the parent material.
  • Damage to the inserts.
  • Possibly damage the STI threads.
  • Extraction may not be possible if inserts are installed too deep.

Features & Benefits - For Tangless® 2KRT only

  • Quick, non-destructive removal of Tangless® inserts.
  • Prevents damage to the parent material and expensive castings.
  • Ability to back out or adjust an insert that has been installed too deep.
  • Compatible with all screw thread inserts.
  • Can be used in electric drivers for fast and convenient removal of a large number of inserts.

Part Numbers

Example of a KATO® Removal Tool part number:

2 KRT C - 06    

1   2    3    4   5

Tool Type
Tool Style
Thread Designation
Size Designation
Component / Replacement Part
Blank for CoilThread® (Tanged)
2 - Prefix for CoilThread® II (Tangless®)
KRT - KATO® Removal Tool C- Unified Coarse
F - Unified Fine
M - Metric
V - Various
--- K - Pawl Kit (includes one pawl, two pins and two springs)
G - Nylon Guard (where applicable)
H - Adjusting Sleeve Housing without Nylon Guard (where applicable)
M - Mandrel/Mandrel Assembly
Example 2 of how to put together a tool's part number. 
Tangless® or Tanged Tool Type of Tool   Metric Size Free Running or Locking
Blank= Tanged CT


Insertion Tool M 2.5-12 F= Free Running
2= Tangless®           L= Locking

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