Tang Break-Off Tools

Easy Tang Removal.

The Tang Break-Off Tool, as the name implies is a spring-loaded punch designed to cleanly break the tang from conventional CoilThread® inserts once they have been installed. We recommend that the tang be removed from the insert after installation. The standard tool is designed to break off tangs on inserts up to 2 diameter in length. A longer punch is needed for 2.5 & 3 diameter nominal length inserts.


To eliminate the tang break-off process, and to ensure a FOD-Free assembly, consider switching to Tangless® CoilThread® inserts, there are no tangs to break-off, retrieve or lose!

The Tang Break-off Tool is important

The Tang Break-off Tool is an important tool when installing tanged inserts. Some unwisely undervalue this tool. The advantages offered by this tool should not be ignored. If the tang is not properly removed, the hole may be compromised and will not allow the male fastener to pass through. The best way to remove the tang is through a sharp strong force directed away from the installed insert.

5 Reason to break off the Tang

  • Flight Safety/Critical Applications - a loose (FOD) tang could create a particularly hazardous, and possibly life threatening situation in airborne applications, e.g. aircraft or missiles.
  • Seizing, Galling, and Insert Movement - a loose tang contacted by the bolt or screw can cause metal-to-metal contact likely resulting in galling.
  • Full Thread Engagement - the chamfered threads of the bolt or screw must pass completely through the installed insert so that the entire length of the insert is engaged by the threads of the bolt or screw.
  • Added Cost - utilizing an insert that is longer than necessary increases the drilling and tapping time to accommodate the additional length. This also increases tooling costs due to wear and breakage.
  • Military Standard Approval - MS33537, the assembly specification for helical coil inserts states, “The tang should be removed from the insert after installation."


Replacement punches are available for sizes.

Part Numbers

Example of a Tang Break Off Tool part number:

KTBT - 02          

  1       2   3  4

Tool Type
Size Designation
Replacement Parts
Length Designation
KTBT - KATO® Tang Break-Off Tool --- RP - Replacement Punch Leave Blank - for nominal thread sizes 1D, 1.5D, & 2D
-30 - Replacement Punch for 2.5D & 3D Nominal Lengths
(Add -30 at the end of the 2D Replacement Punch part number)



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