Linear Torque Arm

Unprecedented smoothness of linear and rotational movements.

Linear Torque Arm

Linear Torque Arm (2KLRM-1) is a torque reaction arm, designed to install Tangless® or tanged KATO® CoilThread® inserts using any electric installation tool. Add the optional Air Tool Kit (2KLRM-1A), and the Linear Torque Arm will work seemlessly with the pneumatic installation tools.

The Linear Arm offers an unprecedented smoothness of linear and rotational movements as it absorbs the torque reaction inherent with power installation tools. The Linear Arm delivers ultra smooth vertical, horizontal, and rotational motion, provides ergonomic support for the operator, and reduces operator fatigue. The fluid movement of the Linear Arm increases precision and production for a variety of applications.

The Fastest & Most Productive Semi-Automatic Installation System!

Use the Linear Arm with strip-feed packaged Tangless® inserts, and the Prewinder Electric tool (2KPE series).

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps the installation tool perpendicular to the work piece.
  • Reduces RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury) and CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) while boosting production.
  • Prevents cross threading and side load, prolonging the life of installation mandrels.
  • Adjustable arm length.
  • Adjustable counter balance provides exceptionally smooth vertical movement.
  • Maneuvers smoothly as the arm absorbs torque reactions from electric and pneumatic tools.
  • Torque capacity of 177 in-lbf (20 Nm).

Technical Specification

Linear Torque Arm Shipping Weight: 5kg

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