Prewinder Air Tool

The Prewinder Air (KPA) installation tool is designed for medium to high volume users of Tangless® and tanged strip-feed package CoilThread® inserts (can also be used with bulk inserts). The Prewinder Air tool is comprised of the Air Motor (CT25017), Adapter (CT9605 or CT9705), and a Front End Assembly. When used together, the KPA tool is capable of installing CoilThread® inserts up to 1/2” and M12 coarse and fine thread sizes

Another important component to the air tool system is the Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (2KFRL-1). The Filter-Regulator-Lubricator cleans the air, allows precise control of the air pressure, and lubricates the air motor. In addition, the KPA tool features semi-automatic installation; press the lever to install the insert, release the lever and the air motor reverses.

For installation of Tangless CoilThread® Inserts sizes: 2-56, 4-40, M2.5, and M3, the torque limiting Clutch Drive (CT9602) is required to control the installation torque generated by the air motor, and prevent damage to the Front-End Assembly. 

Prewinder Air Tool Components

Air Motor

Air Motor (CT25017)


The powerful KPA Motor is designed to install Tangless or tanged CoilThead® inserts for sizes up to 1/2" and M12 coarse and fine thread sizes.


KPA Adapter (CT9605 and CT9705)

(CT9605 or CT9705)

The KPA Adapter acts as a bridge between the air motor and the front-end assembly.

Front-End Assembly

Front-End Assembly

(See Part No.)

The Front-End Assembly is available for a variety of thread sizes and is designed to install 1, 1.5 and 2 diameter nominal length inserts. 


Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (2KRL-1)


The Filter-Regulator-Lubricator is critical to the longevity of the pneumatic system. Each front-end assembly is stamped with a maximum air pressure, the filter-regulator-lubricator ensures the air pressure never exceeds that value. A Filter-Regulator Lubricator is required for each air motor in operation.

Torque Limiting Clutch Drive

Torque Liminting Clutch Drive (CT9602)


The KATO® Torque Limiting Clutch-Drive was designed with one goal in mind: to prolong the life of your air tool mandrels and prevent breakage under excessive torque. Note: The Clutch Drive is required for Tangless 2-56, 4-40, M2.5 and M3 thread sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for use with strip feed inserts (for sizes 1/4", M6 and smaller).
  • Prewinder threads help facilitate installation. This is especially helpful when installing UNF or Metric thread sizes.
  • Installs a broad range of sizes for both Tangless® and tanged inserts (2-56 to 1/2" & M2.5 to M12).
  • Semi-Automatic Installation for decreased installation time
  • Utilises the One Pawl Fits All system (Tangless® only)

Now Available for the Linear Torque Arm

Use the Linear Arm with strip-feed packaged Tangless inserts, and the Prewinder Air tool (2KPA series).

Learn More.

Part Numbers


Example 1 of a Tooling part number:

2 KPA C - 02     

1    2   3   4    5

Tool Type
Tool Style
Thread Designation
Size Designation
Component / Replacement Part
Blank - For CoilThread® (Tanged)
2 - Prefix for CoilThread® II Tangless inserts
KPA - KATO® Prewinder Air C - Unified Coarse
F - Unified Fine
M - Metric
--- D - Prewinder Body
K - Pawl Kit (add a K to the end pawl part number; includes
one pawl, two pins, and two springs)
M - Mandrel/Mandrel Assembly
S - Spacer Set (includes 3 spacers + 1 thick shim + 3 thin shims, where applicable)


Example 2 of how to put together a tool's part number. 

Tangless® or Tanged Tool Type of Tool   Metric Size Free Running or Locking
Blank= Tanged CT


Insertion Tool M 2.5-12 F= Free Running
2= Tangless®           L= Locking

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