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Advanex supply to a whole range of varied and diverse markets and it would be virtually impossible to focus here on every single application our products go into. Our core business revolves around four main major global industries,  for examples of the applications and products please select one the below.


Our CoilThread® inserts are very popular in this industry. Many of the products from our large portfolio are used within the automotive industry so we can offer extensive expertise and product support here.

We are aware of this industry shifting towards electric power and we feel we can support this process. Our inserts can help massively when looking to save weight, which is one of the biggest problems faced when companies are trying to switch between combustion engines and electric batteries.


The rail industry provides its own unique challenges. One of the challenges an engineer in this industry may face is the large amount of vibration components have to endure on trains. This can be a problem especially for fastening systems. It is this reason that caused Advanex to develop what we call Locking inserts, that prevent loosening due to vibration or impact.

This development is one of many we have made at Advanex in order to benefit our customers. We aim to be a partner as well as a supplier.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

As part of the Advanex Global Network our expertise in this market are extensive. We already supply many different types of metal springs, wire forms and stampings to this industry. Advanex offer product designers full technical support from concept, through various critical development stages into volume manufacture. Our management systems are approved by leading national and international standards incorporating cGMP practices with DMF Holder status. 


Our CoilThread® components have critical applications. This is why they are engineered to the highest quality possible. It is because of this, customers from this industry can have confidence that our products meet their strict requirements.

Our inserts can be used within many applications in the Aerospace industry, anything from an aircraft’s engine to its seats can contain an Advanex KATO® CoilThread® insert. It is estimated around 300,000 inserts are used in the construction of a passenger aircraft.


Advanex are capable of making CoilThread® inserts in very small sizes. The smallest of which has a 1.6mm in diameter, which is probably the smallest in the world! Imagine the size of that tang!

The small size and low weight make them an attractive option for a number of different electrical devices. We are always looking to further develop our components so if you have very specific requirements in this market we would be happy to work on a development project with you. 



Fastening systems within this industry are obviously immensely important with the threat of leaking and of course sinking! We are more than confident that our inserts are capable of providing a fastening solution reliable enough for this application.

However, this is not the only application within this industry that we can provide for, our inserts can also be used in engines for marine vehicles. Our Global Distribution Network means we are capable of providing for this industry wherever they may be around the world.

Our technology and systems are developed and centred around providing a complete service to meet and exceed our customers expectation and demands in these highly demanding markets but our skills, experience and technology allow us to provide the same level of service, quality and competitiveness to all our customers no matter there demand, product or market.

  • Computers and Perpherals
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical Devices
  • Home Appliance
  • Irrigation
  • Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Technology
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Building & Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rail
  • Health and Safety
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Toys

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