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Advanex Europe Ltd is the European Headquarters of the Advanex Group, a global corporation specialising in precision engineering solutions. Our domain is metal and plastic components, springs and assemblies, supplying a diverse range of markets from agriculture and automotive through to medical and aerospace.

Our Advanex KATO® CoilThread® inserts are one of the offerings we are most proud of. Production of these inserts has been developed over the past 20 years and improvements are still being made today. Production currently runs up to 18 times faster than the original processes!

The end uses for our inserts are almost limitless, they can provide a reliable fastening solution across a number of materials and products. A common use is to protect the screw thread in soft materials. The main industries they are used in are aerospace, railways, automotive, marine and electronics.

Our unique Tangless® design offers the end user many benefits. Simply put, they speed up and simplify installation in comparison to other inserts, reducing production costs. They are free of foreign object debris, they have no tang to break off, retrieve, lose or count, saving time and risk! They are also easily removable without causing any damage to the parent parts.

As a part of the Advanex Group Network, along with our large distribution network we are able to supply our CoilThread® Inserts in large quantities all around the world.

The KATO® CoilThread® Inserts are just one of many products we have in our large portfolio here at Advanex. For more information on what we could offer you then please head to our main website: www.advanex.co.uk or e-mail us for more information general@advanex.co.uk.


E-mail: general@advanexeurope.co.uk
Phone: +44(0)1636 815555

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