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It was around this time that the first concept that resembled a tanged threaded insert appeared in industry.
Otto Haas filed a patent for the first concept that resembles a Tangless® threaded insert as we know it today. It was single ended with no crushing and therefore no removal. It wasn’t a huge success as the technology for production did not work well.
The first patent for a Tangless® insert was granted to Frank Cosenza and Albert Yamamoto who were then working for Rexnord Inc. (Now Alcoa).
Kaynar had a patent accepted for threaded inserts and only KATO® could produce it with their current production capability.
All patents for threaded insert products owned by Rexnord were transferred to KATO®.
Production of all CoilThread® inserts were transferred from Asia to UK. Tanged production was based in Singapore and Tangless® production in Japan. Both were brought to our Southwell site where they remain today – 10 FCM (Tangless®) Machines and 15 NSM (Tanged) Machines were brought back capable of producing around 2 million Tangless® inserts per year.
Constant design improvements were made to the machines by our engineering team. Processes were broken down and new machines were designed. This meant production became faster, more efficient, more consistent and most importantly more cost effective. Some of these processes are over 10 times faster than they were originally. Our annual production increased massively in this period.
KATO® licensed other major manufacturers to produce our components in order to meet the demands of a rapidly growing market.
The Tangless® trademark was granted in the EU Community through the OHIM (Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market).
Advanex entered our KATO® CoilThread® inserts into the European Business Awards. We were named as finalists in the Award for Innovation which is a testament to our quality product.

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